Intraday Trading Techniques

Most of the traders look for the secret formula for Intraday trading techniques and strategies through which they can earn good profit.  Let’s understand the simple, easy and quick rich formula for Intraday Trading Strategies.

Intraday trading is act of buying and selling the financial instrument on the same day and even multiple times.

Some Important Intraday Trading Tricks

knowledge about the latest Stock Market Trends Cut losses by putting limit order
Keep aside Surplus amount for trade Have realistic goal about profits
Intraday Trading requires ample time Keep Control on your Emotions
Trade on maximum one or two stock Stay with the plan
Keep away from penny stocks
Read the market before making moves


The risk involve in Intraday trading is higher than conventional ones. But if you play with the rules then you can surely achieve success. There are some intraday trading techniques that you can learn in order to improve your performance in the field of Intraday Trading.

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  • Stay away from holding position overnight
  • Enhance the chances of making profit by putting all the money in just couple of scrip.
  • If one see the price of scrip breaking then it is advisable to take the exit. This will help traders to keep away from incurring huge losses.
  • Always square off or sell the scrip when the price of the same is 50% of the position. This technique is used to lower down the risk involved.
  • After placing money on the scrip trader should wait patiently and see the price of scrip if it is close to the second target. If it is not then trader should square off the position during the time of closing.

Intraday Trading Techniques & Strategies to make handsome profits

  • When the market reaches at high point it is expected that it will come down. In such a condition one can consider making the investment.
  • Usually it is advisable to place money on the stocks with strong base instead of risking the money on the undervalued ones.
  • Right suitable intraday trading formula is very essential in the field of stock market trading. Even if the stock analyst does not give success then such type of trading can prove to be profitable in the long run.
  • Trader should select the companies which pay higher dividends then loss making firms.


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